Rococo I

2020, oil, 22ct. moon gold leaf and acrylic on linen, 43 x 43 cm (framed)


Melanie's work is a response to her environment, the places in and around which she lives the everyday; the new that has become the familiar, resonating the thoughts and experiences lived through there. She is interested in the overlooked, incidental forms in nature - how painting / printmaking can draw attention to things with no conventional value and mark them as important through the use of traditional materials, such as oil paint, gesso, gold leaf, etching. 'I like looking at complicated shapes and drawing them with a very fine brush. The act of painting like this feels almost like stitching or weaving, as slowly with each brush mark the work comes together. I used to think art had to be complex to be good, but over time I have realised that keeping things simple or paring them down can make a bigger statement.’

Trained at the School of Art, University of Gloucestershire and studied Florentine Renaissance art at the Courtauld Institute.

Artist in Residence posts in Cheltenham and Devon.

Group and solo shows at numerous galleries including the Jerwood Space, Bridgeman Gallery, Rebecca Hossack Gallery, Jaggedart, Thompson's City Gallery, Sarah Myerscough Fine Art, Florence Trust, Quercus Gallery, Josie Eastwood Fine Art, Stratford Gallery and Cornwall Contemporary.

Her work is owned by corporate and private collections in the UK and overseas.

Melanie's work has been selected for the National Open Art Competition; the ING Discerning Eye Exhibition; and the John Moores Painting Prize 2020.