Muse I

2020, collage - acrylic emulsion on paper, 57x57cm


The Muse II

2020, collage - acrylic emulsion on paper, 55.5 x55.5cm


Yellow Muse

2020, collage - acrylic emulsion on paper, 41 x 41cm


Goddess II

2020, collage - acrylic emulsion on paper, 61 x 70cm


Terracotta Goddess

2020, collage - acrylic emulsion on paper,

35 x 35cm


The Long Conversation

2020, collage - acrylic emulsion on paper, 61 x81 cm


Terracotta Antique Heads

Cracked Head I

Cracked Head III

Another Conversation - SOLD

Back to Back

French Landscape

Field of Frost

Winter Landscape

Through the Window - RESERVED


Receding Tide

Greek Chorus

Heads No 5

Heads No 6


Small Circus No. 4

Clare’s work is primarily abstract with a nod to landscape and interiors. Lately she has also been working with more directly figurative imagery, with particular reference to classical and antique profile heads. All works are collage, acrylic emusion on paper

‘My pictures are perhaps not collages in the conventional sense. I think of them also as paintings. The materials are not found. I paint pattern and texture on to sheets of paper, which I then cut and tear to create the images that make up my seascapes, landscapes, still lifes and classical heads. Colour and pattern, often directly inspired by my experience of landscape, are very important to me.’

Clare Packer (b. 1941) trained at Wimbledon School of Art (1959-63) gained her teaching certificate at Brighton College of Art (1963-64). Ceramic Diploma (1995-1997). Clare returned to art in the 90’s first as a ceramicist and then moving to collage in in the 2000s.

Group Exhibitions: London Potters, A Splash of Colour, Morley College (1996), Hot Bodies, Battersea Arts Centre, (1999), The Festival and Christmas exhibitions at Piers Feetham Gallery in Aldeburgh and London (variously 2001-2012). The Discerning Eye at the Mall Galleries (2001/05/13/14/16/17). Affordable Art Fair with Piers Feetham Gallery (2003 /04), Small is Beautiful, Flowers Central (2003), CCA Galleries, Birmingham and London Art Fairs (2004/05), Christmas Exhibition, New Grafton Gallery (2004), Spring Exhibition, Quercus Gallery (2014), Spring Exhibition, Geedon Gallery (2016/17), Kittoe Contemporary Christmas Exhibitions (2018/19), Affordable Art Fair with Kittoe Contemporary (2019/20), Royal Watercolour Society Exhibition 2020.

Solo Exhibtions: Piers Feetham Gallery (2013/2017)

Prizes: St Cuthbert’s Mill Prize for work on paper at the Discerning Eye (2017)

Collections: Works owned by private collectors in the U.K. and internationally.