Enjoy  Art with Kittoe Contemporary

Katherine Kittoe - katherine@kittoecontemporary.com |+44 7968 142289 | 10am - 6pm Monday to Friday

Kittoe Contemporary shows a talented group of emerging and established artists. 

We host regular events where collectors can view work on the walls of real homes, to buy or simply enjoy with friends in a relaxed, convivial environment and we take this ethos with us when we exhibit at numerous art fairs and events across the UK.

We help our clients fill their homes with exciting art they will find rewarding and love for many years. Our artists have very different styles, use different mediums and methods and we delight in these contrasts. They offer something for a variety of tastes and budgets and we are passionate about the quality of their work.

Katherine Kittoe launched Kittoe Contemporary in 2018 after 17 years working in the Art World.

'Art was the backdrop to my childhood inspiring me to study Art and Archaeology then go on to work in auction houses and museums. With extensive experience and a keen eye, I can provide both passion and practicality to finding art for you.'

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Brief us to find the perfect piece - we work with artists, auction houses, fairs and galleries to find inspiring and rewarding art for you. We can also advise on shipping, framing and displaying your collection.

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