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'Hymn to Home' is a solo show of work by Daniel Preece celebrating London, his muse and his home until 2018. This selection of twenty works created over the last 20 years ranges from vast panoramas to intimate studies of shop fronts and overlooked corners composed in his distinct colour palette. We are taken on a journey through deserted city streets at day and night - we peer through shop windows one moment and soar above the city the next.

'My intention is to encourage the viewer to consider the city differently and I  hope lead them to reassess their daily surroundings with a different eye.’

This feels particularly poignant in the midst of a pandemic when we cannot interact with the city and each other as we once did. Indeed seven of the works on show were painted over the course of 2020. Daniel’s atmospheric paintings are devoid of people, a narrative is hinted at and themes of isolation and consumerism recur. Of course each viewer may see the scene differently - a celebration of the city, of colour, perhaps post apocalyptic or an escape. For Daniel it is always an opportunity to explore issues of geometry and colour and the boundaries between abstraction and figuration.

‘The best paintings for me show you something you haven’t seen before; it’s about the artist finding a new way of describing something but allowing the viewer to come to some of their own conclusions.’

Panorama 3 (From Angel Court)

oil on canvas, 2014, 122 x 310cm unframed


Panorama 2 (From Angel Court)

oil on canvas, 2008, 122 x 244cm unframed


Three Windows (Angel Court)

2006, oil on canvas, 122 x 244cm unframed


River  (Thames at Dusk)

2017, oil on canvas, 100 x 130cm unframed


Canary Wharf From The Roof

2002, oil on canvas, 51 x 75cm unframed,

52 x 76cm framed in a wooden frame painted white


Canary Wharf

2003, oil on board, 25.5 x 25.5cm


EMAIL: katherine@kittoecontemporary.com  for all enquiries