Once And Future King

The Angel And The Snow Leopard


Madonna and Child

Joan of Arc

Anxious Snow Queen

Winter Persephone

Claudia Bonney takes her subjects from myths and legends, with the heroine archetype a recurring theme. Claudia is drawn to the heroine's journey - their challenges, defiance and fight for survival. Saints and goddesses are re-imagined from a modern perspective. She works primarily in oil and influences range from Magritte, David Inshaw, Alan Aldridge, Stanley Spencer and William Blake to medieval art, religious icons and Russian art.

Claudia has painted since her childhood; growing up with artist parents and a household filled with art. She went on to train at Lancaster University. For the last twenty years Claudia has painted in parallel to her work in education and as a reiki practitioner which strongly informs her painting.

'I have always been drawn to what is under the surface, what is really going on behind the scenes and under the skin, the real stuff off human existence where deep feelings emotions and the experience of life reside. I am fascinated by the power of superstition and the relic or icon that can heal or restore the viewer.' This series of paintings are Claudia's twist on this idea of medicine paintings at once irreverant and beautifully stylised.

Her work has been bought by private collectors in the UK & US.