Perspective Study 0009

2020, household paint on wood composite

14 x 14.5 x 5cm


Laura’s work is a hybrid of painting and sculpture. Her focus is minimalist, geometric abstraction exploring architectural form and colour. The sleek, even coloured surfaces are painted delicately so that they are free of gestural brush strokes and fields of saturated clean-edged colour appear to float on the surface of the wall.

"My aim is always to express an idea as simply and as elegantly as possible. To strip everything back to only what is necessary to communicate that idea. My work is primarily an exploration of balance, of positive and negative space, of presence and absence."

Trained at Camberwell College of Arts and Ravensbourne University London

Exhibitions include: The Summer Exhibition, Royal Academy, 2016; Take One Shape, Foundry Gallery, 2017; Perfectly Small, Foundry Gallery, 2018; Affordable Art Fair New York and Hamburg with One Church Street Gallery, 2018; Painting Open, No Format Gallery 2018. Studied Simplicity, Solo Show, AVIVA St Helen’s Building, London 2020.

Work owned by private collectors internationally.