2020, Mixed Media on Canvas, 102 x 102cm


In Studio

'These paintings are journeys, real and imagined and are also an exploration of my language in art. Revisiting past work, drawing on the landscape around me, trying new ideas and ways of saying things, then returning to a more universal language. Remembering less is more and reminding myself of simplicity. I hope these paintings have a life of their own and will speak to you for themselves. I am always pushing for a painting to be raw and in existence for itself.

My painting is a conversation with the canvas. I start with nothing but paint; I know what I am reaching for but not what it looks like or how to get there. I throw every bit of knowledge I have at the canvas and sometimes a balance is found / in search of balance.'

Trained: Falmouth College of Art and Design

Solo Exhibitions Include: 2001 Cadogan Contemporary, London; 2002/6/8/10 Lemon Street Gallery; 2016 ‘A Shared Sensibility’, Lemon Street Gallery; 2018 Tremenheere Art Gallery and Sculpture Garden

Group Exhibitions Include: 2017 London Art Fair / Miami Art Fair with Lemon Street Gallery; 2000-2016 Various Exhibitions at Lemon Street Gallery; 1995-2016 Various Exhibitions at Cadogan Contemporary, London including ‘Mothers and Daughters’: exhibitors included her mother Bridget Leaman,Winifred Nicholson, Mary Newcomb and Anne Rothenstein; 2015 Falmouth Museum and Art Gallery, Serpentine-Artists of the Lizard Exhibition; 2012 & 2010 Josie Eastwood Fine Art; 2009 Caxton Contemporary; 2001 Selected Royal Academy Summer Exhibition; 2000 Galerie Luzan, Bremen; 1999 Mosaic Gallery, St Ives; 1999, 1997 & 1996 Merriscourt Galleries, Oxford.

Works owned by TSB Collections and Private Collections in Europe and the USA.